La Cañada Elementary School  
Teachers and Staff 2014-15
Office Staff 
Principal: Christine Castillo
School Counselor: Nancy DeBoer
Office Manager: Jenny Lee
Health Clerk: Laura Johnson
District Nurse:  Lynn Donaghy
Speech Pathologist: Angela Deno
School Psychologist: Terry Crowe 
Transitional Kinder (TK)
 Pam Daniger-AM/PM
Wendi Damico- AM
1st Grade
Jan Rappleye 
 2nd Grade
Alexis Logsdon
3rd Grade 
Cristina Diaz
 4th Grade 
5th Grade 
6th Grade 
ELA/Social Studies 
 Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA)
Technology- Emily Blaney
Common Core- Carrie Adkins 
1-6 Spanish: Katherine Hurley
Special Education: Donna Stassel and Whitney Worster
English Language Learners: Ellen Comis
Library: Kay Bahrami
Physical Education: Jennifer Loya 
Art: Robin Torres
Music: Katherine Spry 
Technology: Vicki Brown