La Canada Unified School District

Governing Board




The Board of Education, also known as the Governing Board, is elected by the community to provide leadership and citizen oversight of the district's schools.

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Andrew Blumenfeld

Vice President
Ellen Multari
David Sagal
David Sagal
 Dan Jeffries
Dan F. Jeffries
Kaitzer P. Puglia

Ms. Wendy Sinnette

Governing Board Core Values

The La Cañada Unified School District recognizes the community’s passion for superior education and commits to:

  • foster a learning environment dedicated to academic achievement, character growth and the overall health, safety and well-being of each child
  • provide opportunities for any child who is not thriving
  • promote a culture of mutual respect and professionalism among all stakeholders
  • demonstrate continuing personal growth and improvement among students, staff, administrators, parents and Governing Board members
  • maintain strong, open and proactive communication between and among all stakeholders
  • preserve financial stability of the district by maximizing its fiscal, physical and human resources to best benefit children and their learning environment



Last Modified on June 25, 2015