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Reopening 2020 » Back to School Countdown

Back to School Countdown

Monday, August 17th is the first day of school for the 2020-21 year and we want you to feel ready.
1. Where does my student meet their teacher and at what time?
Teachers will be sending you and the students a welcome letter soon and this will share with you how to meet them online on Monday.
For TK-6 families, school starts at 8:10am for AM and 12:05 for PM. You can arrive/join sessions early and wait for your teacher to open virtual class. All school websites have the bell schedules on the main page. Please plan to help your student get started, and our littlest learners may need extra help during class. 
For 7-12 grade families, class starts at 8:25am (no zero period day one!). You can arrive/join sessions early and wait for your teacher to open virtual class. Please review the bell schedule here:
2. What if I didn't get the email?
For TK-1, teachers will also be posting in Seesaw. 
For students in 2-12th grade, they can go to, sign in, and find their teacher and virtual class meeting links. These will be posted in the next few days. 
3. How does my TK-6 student access the special classes?
All of the special classes can be found on this website.
*Not all are starting Monday FYI.
4. How does my 7-12 student access the small group gatherings?
Those will not be starting until the third week of school. There is an active subcommittee working on the planning of these experiences to ensure this is a meaningful time for students to connect with peers and teachers. The LCHS team will be sharing the plan in the coming week. 
5. How will my student access their assignments?
Teachers will be working to communicate their exact plans for you. You can expect communication on assignments to happen via Seesaw for TK-1 and Google Classroom for 2-12, along with weekly emails letting you know the overview for the week by 8am on Monday. 
6. What if I need academic support for my student?
Teachers will be sharing their plans for office hours, student check in, and ways to get academic support. For students in 4th-12th grade, we'll be launching Paper, an online tutoring service. This will roll out in September after we've established our new routines and teachers get to know their students. 
7. What if I need technical support for my student?
For TK-6, you can watch any of the tech orientation videos below and review the session notes to get an overview of the tools the students will be using. 
All families and students have access to our support system at and we are working through requests as fast as we can. You might imagine the overload as we also work to support our teaching and support staff as they finishing preparing. If you have submitted a ticket, we are working to get you help! It won't always take us so long to respond. 
You can also call our Tech Hotline: 818-952-4283 8am-4pm
8. What can I do to make sure my student is ready?
  1. Ensure your student has a dedicated device for accessing their virtual class(es).
  2. Set up a learning space as best as you are able (little learners will need support) and have some paper, pencils, and other supplies for writing notes or drawing.
  3. Have your student practice on a video call with you (Facetime works!) and talk about the difference between video chat with friends and family, and online class.
  4. Test your student's school login. Each student has a Google Account. You can do this by logging into a Chromebook or going to and enter the address and password. Not all students will need this on the first day. Most likely 4th-12th grade, but if you do not know this account and password, give us a call. ALL SCHOOL WEBSITES HAVE THE LINKS STUDENTS NEED ON THE TOP RIGHT: Classlink, Classroom, Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar
  5. Try logging into with your student's account. Again, not needed for most students on the first day, but by the end of the first week or so we want to make sure this is working for all students. 
  6. Get excited! Your student will react to your emotions. Yes, this is new and hard and we will see some glitches. But we will be ok. We have really good plans. When something goes wrong, we will adapt and figure out a solution. 
To preview the tech tools, here are some recordings and materials from the tech team:
From July 7th and 9th A parent's' guide to Classlink and LCUSD's digital resources
From July 14th and 16th Ed-Tech Speak: A breakdown of most used apps for school and the language of school technology
From August 4th and 6th Supporting Student Learning at Home
From August 5th Tech Orientation for 5th and 6th Graders
From August 10th Tech Orientations for TK-2 
From August 12th Tech Orientation for 3rd and 4th Graders
Coming soon! We are live tonight!