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Testing Day

Start here!

This page will be getting updates as we get closer and finalize details. 
1. Confirm your testing location (computer lab or classroom. Make sure you have a Chromebook cart and that it is charged)
2. Retrieve your testing folder from your counselor. 
   (inside, test administer handbook with script, SSID notecards, signs for doors about testing area, etc.)
3. Reading the script serves two great purposes. It will set the tone for the students, and prepare you for the session. Take comfort in the low tech portion of reading to the kids! The procedure is important. The students will go one step at a time if you read to them. It dramatically helps you feel in control of the room. 
4.  Make sure you have an SSID card for each student. These must be collected each and returned. 
5. Logging into the Chromebooks isn't necessary. The kids click the apps button in the bottom left and choose AIR Secure to get to the secure browser.
6. Open the test administration interface and start a session. Write the session number on the board for the students.  
7. Follow the script (DFA)  the script as it will guide you through the technology. You may want to read it ahead of time and annotate to make it grade level appropriate. Start on page 41. 
8. If trouble happens, you'll have a tech person on each site and a way to contact them. But, if you do the practice tests, the real day won't be your first rodeo.