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School and District Communication Settings Review

Dear Parents and Families,

Our new system, Aeries Communication, offers some impressive benefits for us in terms of general and emergency communication, but we are also working through some transition bugs. I have a few tips for you to review to ensure you are receiving all messages. 

  1. Please login to the Aeries Parent Portal  On the left side, you will see box to select your communication preferences. If you only want to receive emergency notifications, you can adjust the settings, but I recommend choosing general and emergency. 

  1. Click on the across the top that says COMMUNICATION. This is the location of all messages sent out from this school. This is one of the benefits of this system. You have access to all messages sent. You can click on the icon on the top left to adjust language preference (also amazing! You can get messages in your preferred language!). And the best part is the specific notification settings that you can adjust. You can choose between SMS, email, and phone calls.

  1.  Now back to your email. To be sure you are receiving the emails, check your junk/spam folder for anything coming from and mark that message as safe. The superintendent and I have sent messages to all families so you can also search for Jamie Lewsadder or Wendy Sinnette, and mark one of those messages as safe. Also, the principals of your students have also all sent messages and you can search for their names as well. We are seeing that most messages are delivered, but not opened. If you do a search, you should find one that you can mark as safe or not junk. This tends to happen with mass email sending. 

If you are having specific issues, please send an email to and we can troubleshoot with you. I have logs on all messages sent and can see if the messages are delivered or unopened, or if they bounced for some reason. Don’t worry, I won’t judge if you aren’t opening all messages. I only use my power for good! I’m also happy to meet in person and troubleshoot. 

  1. A couple more tech related items that we have been getting questions about: 

  1. The Aeries app isn’t broken. You are just landing on the grades page and that not used in K-6 and off right now for 7-12. Look at the bottom of the app and choose another tab. 
  2. For those who haven’t turned in their data confirmation forms, please go to the STUDENT INFO tab in the Aeries Parent Portal and then click DATA CONFIRMATION, follow the steps and print/sign the form. Then send it to your student’s school as soon as possible. 
  3. Details on chromebook insurance can be found here: click on the tab for insurance on the right hand side. 
  4. Messages from Aeries Communication are sent without the option for replying back directly. This is not something we can change at this time. But feel free to send us direct emails as needed. All staff contact info is on our websites.