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Parent Night: Managing Screen Time

August 30th & 31st: Making Screen Time Fun While Reducing The Negative Impact


Screen time can be a huge challenge. Too much screen time can cause negative consequences. On the flip side, using screen time in an active, productive, way can help students achieve amazing things. 

We partnered with SmartSocial to host a live, virtual event to teach students how to make screen time fun while reducing the negative impact.

In today's digital world, screens are an integral part of our lives, offering boundless opportunities for learning and leisure. We want to ensure that screen time is a source of joy and not a thief of it.

Save a spot in Zoom during one of the 6 screening days/times.

Claim your free SmartSocial account by clicking here: 

Then, save your spot for the live Zoom event here: 

If you miss the event, a replay link will be sent to you. 

In this event, you will gain: 

  • A deep understanding of the psychological and physiological impacts of screen time
  • Strategies to keep screen time engaging, enriching, and balanced
  • Knowledge of practical tools to manage and optimize screen usage
  • Insights into how real students navigate their digital lives
  • Networking opportunities with other parents, educators, and experts in the field.
  • We are looking forward to these live events from SmartSocial during the 2023-20-24 school year and hope you’ll join our community’s conversation about learning how to keep our students safe online! 

P.S. If you can't make it, use this unique link to access all of the replay videos in the VIP membership: