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Notice Inviting Bids


 Project Management RFQ Questions and Responses


Below are questions we have received regarding our RFQ for a Program Management firm. The questions are in black, and the response are in red.


Good afternoon.  Can you please inform me if the cover letter, table of contents, resumes, and the fee proposal are counted towards the 20 page count?  Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, those items are part of the 20 page count. The front and back covers and the tabs themselves are not counted toward the 20 pages.



  1. RFQ asks for a Project Manager in the Key Team Member sections,  but in numerous places refers to a Program Manager. Should this be a Program Manager ? Yes, it should be the Program Manager.
  2.  A Design Manager is also needed to support the Program Manager, should that be included in the RFQ along with other members below. That is up to the proposal set forth by the company. Not a requirement of the RFQ.


"Identify the following key members within the firm who will be utilized on this project. Provide their resumes with qualifications especially as it relates to K-12 school projects, including identifying those projects for the past five (5) years, and list license numbers and dates: i. Principal-in-Charge ii. Project Manager iii. Project Engineer iv. Cost Estimator"

  1. RFQ states that district may select one or multiple Program management firms from an established pool.  Does the district anticipate multiple program managers managing different programs or One PM firm to manage the entire $ 149 M Measure LCF bond program ? The District is keeping options open depending on SOQs. Initial thoughts are to have one firm, but situations may not guarantee that.
  1. Was a pre-proposal meeting held for the RFQ ? Can the district provide a list of proposers who are interested in the RFQ including any sub-consultants ?

No pre-proposal meeting was held. The district does not know who will submit SOQs, and is not open to providing lists of potential respondents.

  1. Is Construction Management services for the bond program to be performed by other firms or should the proposers include fee for all CM services.

CM Services will be separate from the Program Manager services sought in this RFQ.

  1. Proposed project list by LPA does not include any State-matching $ defined at the moment. Should we include proposals based on $ 149M Bond value at the moment ? Yes, we are not sure of any other funding sources from the State.


Questions - 1/5/18

Section III, A Format, indicates the RFQ to be 20 pages in total.  If Additional Appendix / Exhibits can be submitted for such items as resumes, samples documents, project samples, and it exceeds the 20 page total is this acceptable and not count as the 20 page total? The RFQ is necessary to remain at the 20 pages.


Appendix A- 1.9 indicates that Const. review services are part of the Program Manager Responsibilities. Should these be included in the base NTE proposal for the entire program or will be as needed service for larger projects? These services should be included.


Appendix A Page 1-Section 3 -DSA Certification and Responsibilities is not present in Appendix A. Please clarify if district will hire a separate A.E Firm for Existing Uncertified projects? I apologize for this section being left off. DSA Closeout and Certification steps will be necessary. We will need support from the selected firm to address any existing projects that have not been fully certified. I will send out clarifying language on this section by 2 PM tomorrow.

Should we anticipate District will provide office space to the Program Manager staff and basic-set up for computers/Equipment. We will work to find a location. None has been determined at this time.   

On page 9 there are four positions listed that should be identified in the proposal with resumes. Are you looking to only see resumes for these specific positions or should other positions our firm identifies as essential to the delivery of proposed services be included as well? These four positions need to be included. You may include others as you see fit.
Will the Program Management firm(s) selected provide any staff augmentation for the district? None is planned at this time.


Will the District be providing on-site office space for the selected team or will the selected firm be responsible for maintaining off-site office space for their team? We will work to find a location. None has been determined at this time.


For clarification purposes, when the RFQ references project management services, or a project, those are all assumed to fall under the Program Management Services for which we are submitting, and not a separate service such as Construction Management? Yes, Actual projects will be handled by a Construction Management firm as needed.

How many Series of the bond does the District anticipate will be sold? We anticipate four or five series.

What is the proposed length of the Bond Program? It is anticipated to be about a decade.

I noticed and was wondering if you are looking for a 4 year or 5 year Fee schedule?

"Respondent shall prepare a table/chart for fiscal years 2017-2018 through 2020-2021, comprised of a staffing plan".  The above requirement seems to make it 4 years. Yes, the Fee Schedule should be for the remainder of 2017-2018 and through 2020-2021.


Update 1/9/18

Below is information on DSA Closeout and Certification Services. This section was in the Table of Contents, but got deleted from the attachments. This is an area where the Program Manager’s services will be needed.



3.1. As requested by District, Program Manager shall provide services to the

District to close out existing, completed projects that were not constructed

under the Program, but which are lacking DSA certification (“DSA Closeout of

Existing Projects”).

3.2. Such services for DSA Closeout of Existing Projects shall include:

3.2.1. Reviewing the DSA website to identify uncertified projects at District


3.2.2. Reviewing and analyzing DSA documentation and requirements for

obtaining DSA certification for the uncertified projects;

3.2.3. Identifying an efficient strategy for timely DSA certification and

closeout to ensure all uncertified projects are fully closed out and

certified with the DSA prior to the commencement of Program


3.2.4. Coordinating and communicating with the DSA, District, and any other

agencies, entities, firms or individuals throughout this process in order

to successfully and timely obtain DSA certification for uncertified



3.3. At District’s request, Program Manager shall provide written updates

regarding the status of each uncertified project, costs incurred as of the date

of the District’s request, and estimated costs to obtain certification for each

project. Program Manager shall provide such written updates within Forty-

Eight (48) hours of District’s request.




3.4. District may in its sole discretion, at any time, notify Program Manger to

cease any or all of its services relating to DSA Closeout of Existing Projects.

Such notice shall be effective immediately.

3.5. Services for DSA Closeout of Existing Projects shall be billed as set forth in

Exhibit “D.”


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