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Chromebook Program for Grades 5-12 » Program Overview

Program Overview

For grades 5th-12th, we ask all families to send a Chromebook to school with their students. Our dedicated teachers are enhancing lessons with technology to deepen understanding, develop critical thinking, and provide opportunities for students to showcase their work. We're committed to teaching not just technological usage but also vital 21st-century skills like effective research and digital literacy.
Enhanced Learning: Technology is being used to support deeper understanding, critical thinking, and showcasing student work.
21st-Century Skills: Focus on teaching effective research methods, digital literacy, and responsible technology use.
Chromebook Usage: Chromebooks, with their balance of features and simplicity, are the chosen devices for classroom use. Personal PCs or Macs are not supported in grades 5-12.
Device Specifications and Accessibility: Find a device with 4Gb or 8Gb of RAM. Hard drives can be 16Gb or 32Gb. 16 is fine. They have unlimited Google Cloud storage. We also have an insurance partner to get coverage for accidental damage. The Smart Tech insurance is a good deal! We also have a longer buying guide here for you. 
Requesting an equity device: If you will experience a financial hardship or choose not to participate, please complete this equity device request form to help us gauge need.  We'll schedule times for pick up once we begin receiving requests. Your child is responsible for the care of this school-owned device. If it sustains damage, spills, or drops, you will be asked to pay for the repair or full replacement cost ($300). We recommend purchasing a zero-deductible insurance policy from our partners at Smart Tech Insurance.

We appreciate your support as we continuously assess and improve this program, ensuring our students are well-prepared for future challenges.