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LCHS 9-12 Registration Checklist

Dear Spartan Students and Families,

Welcome to La Canada High School! For some of you, this is the beginning of an exciting journey for your students as they embark on a four-year education full of promise and opportunities. For others, this is the next step in that journey that will bring new adventures. For our seniors, that journey is coming to its conclusion and will yield the next step in the great adventure of life. In all these cases, the LCHS staff is excited to be a part of this experience. It is our intent to provide the highest quality instruction through a community built on student empathy and integrity.

The context of this year will bring demands that are known and unanticipated. La Canada High School anticipates that we will return to full-time in-person instruction on campus based upon the pre-pandemic bell schedule that was in place at the start of the 2019 school year. In returning to school on campus, we will pursue long-held goals for our students: student safety, rigorous and engaging instruction and learning, and wellness and belongingness. This means offering services that will support them academically and emotionally. As we return to school, I ask that every student think actively about how to become involved in the rich on-campus activities associated with our diverse list of student clubs, Spartan Athletics, the Visual and Performing Arts programs,  Robotics and Engineering, and Speech and Debate program, to name only a few. We also want our students to come to campus to enjoy the community and friendship associated with all the activities offered by our Associated Student Body (ASB), who are organizing frequent activities and events that are fun and memory-making.

In addition to opportunities for involvement in student-led clubs and programs, there are also opportunities for students to become involved in various advisory and steering committees on campus associated with our Diversity and Equity initiatives and our long-standing partnership with the Challenge Success program. To find out more about these opportunities, students should read the daily announcements that are emailed to them daily and read aloud each morning. Families can find out about these opportunities for engagement by reading the Spartan Update, our weekly electronic newsletter that arrives on Saturday mornings. These important communications will share the weekly calendar, share details about upcoming events, and describe opportunities for involvement with the many groups that make up this wonderful learning community. LCHS administration will continue to promote the Family Learning Series, monthly parent and student-oriented talks that explore various facets of the school experience, from college and career information sessions to how to help students establish habits of self-regulation with respect to technology use. All of the emphasis on engaging in academics and supporting students' social-emotional wellness are part of our intentional efforts to promote thriving behaviors in our students, so that they work toward building a strong foundation of academic effectiveness, in addition to strong, interpersonal and social-emotional skills.  We want your student’s high school success to be that which propels him or her toward success across his or her entire life.

LCHS is a unique place to learn. An important attribute of the uniqueness of LCHS is the engagement and support that parent groups give to our students. Please continue this beautiful and caring support. I am grateful to you for your commitment and dedication to the LCHS community. I am excited about the upcoming school year and welcome all of you to the 2021-22 school year.

Jim Cartnal
LCHS Principal - The Home of the Spartans
1. New families to LCUSD will receive an email with account information (from LCU[email protected]). All returning LCUSD families will need to login to your Aeries Parent Portal account.
2. Complete the Data Confirmation process in the parent portal.
3. Read the document section in the portal that includes attendance, discipline, cell phone and technology use policies, the notice of parent's rights, etc.
4. Print a new Emergency Card, proofread, sign, and send to school with your student during registration/orientation. Registration dates  August 9th Grades 10, 11, and 12) and August 10th (grade 9)
5. Review the optional forms (lunch permit, medication form, parking, etc) and return during registration.
6. If your student is enrolled in a science class, please see the science lab donation letter.
7. The LCHS Webstore has underwent a major transformation. The information announcing the new webstore will be communicated out to you before the start of school by LCHS Administration.
Optional, but awesome: Look out for an email from PTSA about joining the directory.
If you need assistance or cannot complete this at home, please email [email protected]